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Antony Moses Lengima, is a second born in a family of six boys and one girl. Born in 1998, Moses joined Pre School three years later at Omar Pre School in Sere Olipi. When he saw kids going to school, he thought that they were going to play or to have fun and since there was nothing to do he was drawn by this desire to discover what happens at school and that is how he joined school.
His elder brother looks after their uncle’s animals and he has never gone to school, his other two brothers are in grade eight and seven respectively, his five years old sister has joined Pre School and the last born is still young to join school.
Being the only child to have ever completed grade eight he has vowed to set good example to the siblings who together with him have gone through great hardship given that they all depend on their mother who does not have any stable source of income. They heavily rely on relatives and well wishers for basic needs at home. They have no animals of their own and this has indeed pushed him to join technical school to learn a skill in Motor Vehicle Mechanic for two years of which will help him get a job quickly and by this he will be able to support the family tremendously.


Moses Lengima Moses Lengima
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