Lengima Rose




Rose is an outstanding student. She scored 339 in her exams and was second in her class and the top Samburu girl in the district. Her father died in 2000 and her mother brought up Rose, her 2 sisters and her brother on her own. The family have 2 cows and 4 goats and they live on these animals. She is the first person in her family to go to school.

At school she decided early on that she wanted to be top of the class and she says the key to her success has always been to be the first up in the morning. When she was living at home she would do her chores (fetching water and firewood) in the dark and leave for school at first light. When she became a boarder she woke at 4am, bathed in the dark and headed straight for the computer room before anyone else was up as it had solar lighting.


Lengima Rose Lengima Rose
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