Lengirapus Lchaunoi Solomon




He was born in 2006 and is the third of eight children. He is the first child in his family to complete primary school and go on to secondary school. He has one very young brother who is pre-school, but they are the only two children to attend school. All of the other children, and his parents, live a traditional way of life, taking care of their livestock. When Solomon first started school, he attended Pareu pre-school, under a shady acacia thorn tree with the blackboard propped against the tree trunk. He joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary School the following year and since then he has been at the top of his class!

Solomon’s favorite subject in school is Science and he would like to be a doctor when he gets older. In addition to being an excellent student, he loves to play soccer with his friends. He says soccer after a long day of studies helps him relax. Solomon was also a member of the environmental club, a club with the mission of conserving the school environment by planting and watering trees. During school holidays, Solomon goes home to help look after the cows, goats and camels.


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