Lengoiseri Christine Namalmal




Date of birth: Christine was born in June 1999
KCPE results: 306
Family: Christine comes from the Sirata area of Ndonyo Wasin. Her family are very traditional nomadic pasturalists who live solely off the milk, meat and blood of their animals. She is the first in her family to go to school.
Schooling: In 2005 a preschool opened in the Sirata. After one year of being open a blessing ceremony was held and the people from Thorn Tree Project came to visit. It just so happened that that day Naimalmal had no herding duties. She was intrigued by the car – the first she had ever seen – and she persuaded two of her friends to come and see what was going on. She saw the visitors, the blackboard, the letters and the numbers and she was hooked! She begged her mother and father to let her go to preschool and reluctantly her father agreed. The preschool teacher could see her commitment and at the end of the year he persuaded her father to let her go on to class 1 at Ndonyo Wasin Primary School.
Christine has always been very serious about her studies and she has always been near the top of the class. She knows exactly why she is at school and is determined to excel. She is hard working, persistent and disciplined. She was the best debater in the school and has a strong sense of fairness – willing to speak up for anything she thinks is right. She is outgoing, enthusiastic and popular with everyone. English is her favorite subject and she loves writing compositions. She took it upon herself to help younger students in the library. She was dormitory prefect last year and she was on the soccer team as the right wing defender. She achieved marks of 306 in her KCPE exams and received a place at Ahero Girls’ High School one of the best girls’ high schools in Kenya.


Naimalmal Chistrine Naimalmal Chistrine
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