Lenjaale Aleya Benson




Date of birth: Benson was born in September 2001
KCPE results: 321
Family: Benson is the third born in a family of 8 and he is the first person in his family to ever go to school. Benson’s family are traditional nomadic pastoralists and they live in the Marti area about 25 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. During the frequent droughts they move in search of water and pasture for their cows and goats that are their sole source of food. All of Benson’s siblings live the traditional Samburu way of life except the fifth born whom his parents also sent to school.
Schooling: In 2003 a preschool opened near where he lived. It took place under a large shady acacia thorn tree with a blackboard leaning against the trunk. The teacher was a warrior with 5 years of schooling. At that time his parents had 4 children. The two eldest children were already looking after the animals and there was another child right behind Benson so they decided to send Benson to the preschool.
At preschool Benson did really well and at the end of the year the headmaster from Ndonyo Wasin Primary School visited Marti and talked to his parents to persuade them to send their son in to the primary school with its new dormitories.
At school he has consistently been among the top students of the class. He is very focused and loves learning new things. He is sociable, optimistic, a great story teller and can be very humorous. He also has a lot of common sense and makes wise choices. Last year he was on the football team and he was compound prefect. He achieved marks of 321 in his final KCPE exams and secured a place in Onjiko High School. One of the best boys’ high schools in Kenya


Lenjaale Benson Lenjaale Benson
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