Lenkaaka Stephen Owen




Steven Owen Lenkaaka was born in 1994 in the remote village of Ndonyo Wasin. His parents have no education and very little knowledge on what goes on in the modern world. Steven is the first born in a family of five including him, two brothers and two sisters. His cousin who is in high school encouraged his dad to take him to school which his father agreed and Steven had the opportunity. A prolonged drought cleared 23 of their cows, their only source of livelihood leaving behind only 6 and 2 donkeys. None of his siblings goes to school and Steven has always been the best student in his class scoring 363 marks in his KCPE encouraged by the desire to help his family lead a better life in the future. His career dream job is to become a doctor and during the holiday he helps his siblings look after their cows.
Steven greatly enjoys learning; his favorite course is science and mathematics, though he is good in almost all the subjects. Like most Samburu boys, he is a skilled soccer player and was one of eleven kids on the school’s soccer team, sporting jersey number 8.


Stephen Owen Lenkaaka Stephen Owen Lenkaaka
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