Lenkoliai Paul




Paul’s father died 11 years ago and his mother is very poor. He has 6 other brothers and sisters but only one of them a younger brother, is at school. The family has no goats or cows and the mother makes money by fetching firewood and water for people in Sereolipi village.

Throughout his time at Sereolipi Primary School, Paul was one of the brightest and most committed students. His goal was always to continue on to secondary school. He is very responsible and was class prefect many times. He is sharp, quick and responsive.

In January 2005 Paul achieved his dream of getting a good score on his KCPE exams with marks of 304 out of 500. He was second in his class. He was accepted into Maralal High School, which is one of the best schools in the district.


Lenkoliai Paul Lenkoliai Paul
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