Lenuure Rengenia Josphine




Josephine Regina Lenure is the second born of seven children. Her parents, who are nomadic pastoralists, were heavily affected by the most recent drought—they lost the majority of their herd, only to be left with 7 cows and 5 goats which make them quite poor, even by local standards. Regina joined Ndume preschool about 17km from Ndonyo wasin primary where she currently schools. Although her four siblings have chosen to follow their parents’ path of living the traditional Samburu lifestyle, Regina persuaded her father to allow her go to school upon seeing neighbor’s children going to school. While at primary, she managed to convince her parents to take two of her younger brothers to school too.
Through Regina’s success, her family now sees the benefits of going to school and is proud of her accomplishments, like having scored 369 marks in the latest mock exam and being the top girl in their class. She notes that among academics which she “very much enjoys”, she has benefitted by learning languages outside of the regional tongue that enable her to speak with visitors. For the future, Regina is focused on helping her family while also aiming for a profession as a journalist that is both highly respected and which pays well so that she can assist her siblings with their school fees in the future.


Josphine Regina Lenuure Josphine Regina Lenuure
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