Leodip Della




Date of birth: Della was born in December 2001
KCPE results: 317
Family: Della has five brothers and 2 sisters. They live in a very traditional nomadic manyatta on the edge of the village. Neither of her parents ever went to school.
Schooling: Della says she always wanted to go to school. She was intrigued by letters and numbers since the first time she saw them and she persuaded her parents to send her to preschool when she was 5 years old with her cousin. Della has been a committed and motivated student ever since. She is very goal oriented and refuses to accept any position in class below the top 4. She is rarely sidetracked. She is also a student that makes good choices – she is selective and prudent and has integrity and honesty; she is not afraid to speak up. She is very active in church programs and she was the best player on the soccer team. She is a great reader and loves helping the younger students in the library.
She had marks of 317 in her KCPE exams and she was offered a place at St Theresa’s Girls Secondary School — one of the best girl’s high schools in the country.


Lodip Della Lodip Della
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