Leodip Itachawa Saimon




Simon Leodip was born in the nomadic pastoralist village of Sere Olipi in 1997. He is the first born out of 6 children, including one little sister who was just born in December 2012. His mother has no job and his father looks after their 3 cows during the day but doesn’t earn any money.
Simon went to the local preschool as a little boy and then his mother sent him to Sere Olipi Primary school where for 8 years he showed tremendous devotion to his academic career, excelling in both English and Kiswahili, and eventually scoring well enough on the KCPE to qualify for a high school sponsorship. His parents were both worried about his ability to continue his education beyond primary school due to their financial situation, but Simon has shown them that through hard work and determination he can accomplish anything. His goal is to be successful and support his family.


Saimon Saimon
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