Leogusa Ltajeuwa Samuel




Samuel is the first born of seven children. Both of his parents are cooks at Sereolipi Primary School, one of the three schools supported by Thorn Tree Project. As the oldest son, Samuel was initially given the resposibility of looking after some of his family’s livestock, but when he was 10 years old he “saw that there was no future in looking after animals” and asked his parents if he could go to primary school with his younger brother Thomas who was 6 and just starting school His mother and father agreed.
Samuel has always been serious about his studies and is committed to doing well in life. His goal is simple: to get a job so he and his family can “live a better life.” He achieved 210 on his KCPE exams. He is eager to continue his education and is interested in Carpentry—a skill which is in great demand as areas like his village of Sereolipi begin to develop. Outside of academics, Samuel is an accomplished runner who enjoys participating in local marathons.
Samuel has been accepted into Sagana Technical School which is one of the top technical schools in the country. His parents earn $110 a month between them and there is simply no way they could ever afford to send Samuel to such a good school. We were delighted to offer him a scholarship.


Samuel L leogusa Samuel L Leogusa
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