Leokom H Jonathan




Jonathan was born in 1996 and he is the only child to his mother-his father remarried. His parents are nomadic pastoralists living in the Sereolipi area. They were heavily affected by the drought of 2003 where they lost the majority of their animals. It is here Madam lengima( Omar pre-school teacher then) convinced Jonathan’s parents to take him to school to get an education. Since then Jonathan has been hard working student which his mother is proud of. His mother has no job and his father looks after their 3 cows,30 goats and 5 sheep, during the day but doesn’t earn any money. Jonathan has been consistently top of his class at Sereolipi primary School. He graduated in 2012 with marks of 305 in his KCPE exams .He enjoyed social studies and science more than any other subject. He says the reason of this because can prevent himself from diseases. Needless to say Jonathan is a very resourceful and responsible boy who is very serious about his studies. He also has a very positive attitude to life .


Jonathan Leokom Jonathan Leokom
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