Leorkupa L Ambrose




Ambrose was born in February of 2004 and is the first born in a family of six children. He is the first to go to school and the only boy in the family. Ambrose’s father nearly completed school and works in a lodge, while his mother never went to school and is very good at beading. They live in Ndonyo Wasin with their 6 cows and roughly 30 goats. When Ambrose is not in school, he helps his parents look after the animals, cook and fetching water from the boreholes.

When Ambrose was just four years old, his mother took him to Ndonyo Wasin Preschool. Since he was so young, he stayed in preschool for three years until he was old enough and ready for primary school. Ambrose’s mother prioritized his education because she dreams of him getting a well paying job and building a modern house. Finally in 2011, he was enrolled in Class 1 at Ndonyo Wasin. While in school, his best subject is mathematics. It was a real challenge until Class 6, when an older friend in Class 7 helped tutor him and inspire him to excel in Math. During his free time, Ambrose loves playing football and dancing and singing in the church choir. He was also an active member in the Health Club. Ambrose is jovial and always on the move. When he finishes school, he hopes to be a engineer!


Ambrose Leorrkupal Ambrose Leorrkupal
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