Lepakiyo Josphine Pindiran




Josephine was born in 2000. She lives with her parents in Ndume, a small village in the bush of Samburu located 25km from Ndonyo Wasin village and 55 kilometers from the main road. Her family are traditional nomadic pastoralists who travel during the droughts in search of water and pasture for their animals. All of the Josephine’s older siblings live the traditional Samburu way of life – herding the cows and goats that are their sole source of food.
In 2003 a pre school started in the Ndume area. Josephine was the youngest child and her father decided to send her to preschool. Josephine was one of the first children to go to the school. She says that she remembers being fascinated by the numbers and letters and that when she was 6 she begged her father to let her go to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School as a boarder. Her mother supported her decision and off she went. Since that time Josephine has always been among the top 10 students in class. In her KCPE exams at the end of class 8 she achieved marks of 302.
Josephine was dorm prefect last year and an active member of the debating team (girls versus boys.) She loves reading in the school library. Her favorite book is titled The St.Helen Conspiracy which talks of a brave girl who uncovered the mystery of a fire in the school dormitory. Josephine is determined to unveil life’s mystery and she dreams to be a law enforcer.


Lepakiyo Josphine Pindiran Lepakiyo Josphine Pindiran
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