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Aaron Lkasiyan Lepaati was born in the year 1997 At Nesesi ai village of Ndonyo wasin Location, a large Samburu village. He is the second born of eight children. His father who schooled up to standard seven knew the importance of education and and took Aaron to Nesesiai preschool and later proceeded to Ndonyo wasin primary 7 kilometers from his village. However none of his five brothers and two sisters goes to school.15 of their cows have been decimated by a prolonged drought leaving them behind with only eight. His parents will surely not be able to school Aaron beyond primary school and need assistance to enable him achieve his dreams.In the KCPE examination he scored 339 marks and qualified to get a chance at Nkubu high school in Meru.
Aaaron has always recognized his ability to sway others through debate and speech. His tenacity and determination have served him well in his pursuit of education. Aaron has been able to bolster his strengths as a speaker, improving his position within his class. In the long term, Aaron has to utilize his natural talents and education as a community leader, or even as a lawyer.


Aaron Lepaati Aaron Lepaati
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