Lepakiyo Benedict




Benedict was born in 1993. In 2001 bandits raided the village he and his family lived in. They took all their livestock and killed several people including Benedicts mother. Benedict’s father then cared for Benedict and his three younger siblings on his own. More recently Benedict’s father became ill with throat cancer and the children have been dependent on relatives.
Benedict, despite all these challenges, has been a hard working student. Since he first started school he has been very focused on his education because he knows it is the only way out of poverty and it has been his long term goal to get a job so he can support his family.

He graduated from Sereolipi Primary School in 2006. Unfortunately his grade was only 240 and he did not qualify for a scholarship to secondary school. He was devastated when he got his grades. However, he decided to apply for a place at technical school and he applied for and was accepted at Meru Training Institute. He is going to train as a plumber/electrician. We believe this is a great choice for Benedict. He will be making good money much sooner than if he went to secondary school. He is a committed and motivated student and we believe he will be successful in his training and his eventual career.


Lepakiyo Benedict Lepakiyo Benedict
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