Lepakiyo James Rupunye




Date of birth: James was born in February 2000 KCPE results: 336
Family: James is the second born in a family of 3 children. His older brother and younger sister are both married and living the traditional Samburu way of life. His parents live in the Nesesai area about 10 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. They are nomadic pastoralists and they migrate frequently in search of grass and water for their animals
Schooling: James is the first and only person in his family to go to school. In 2004 he attended Nesesai nomadic preschool that took place under a thorn tree with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. His teacher was a warrior with just 4 years of schooling. He loved school and his teacher made sure his father sent him to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School (grades 1 to 8) when he was 7 years old. James is an excellent student and has always been at the top of his class. He is particularly good at mathematics. He is hardworking, disciplined and serious about his studies. Outside of class he is very sociable, has great zest for life and makes everything exciting. He is also a very popular leader and was captain of the school soccer team and head of the school choir.
He had marks of 336 in his KCSE exams and was offered a place at Siakago Boys, one of the best high schools in the country


Lepakiyo James Lepakiyo James
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