Lepakiyo Joseph




Joseph lives in an area called Marti which is about 20 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin. His family are traditional Samburu nomadic pastoralists and during the dry season they migrate in search of pasture and water. In the drought of 2006/7 his family lost almost all their cows and goats. They are in the process of building back up their herds. To supplement their livelihood they make charcoal and take it by donkey to the nearest town which is 50 kilometers away.
Joseph is the only one of his family to ever go to school. His brothers and sisters all help with the herding of animals. When he was a child there was a small nursery school in the manyattas under a shady tree. His parents sent Joseph there and he liked it so much they decided to send him to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. He was at Ndonyo Wasin Primary School for 6 years and then he went to Sereolipi Primary School because Ndonyo Wasin school did not have a class 8.
Joseph has consistently scored at the top of class in the 8 years he has been at primary school. In his KCPE exams he scored 322 and was 4th in his class at Sereolipi Primary School. He has received a place at Terige Secondary School. One of the best provincial schools in the country.

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