Lepakiyo lodokwe Daniel




Daniel Lepakiyo was born in 1997 at Nesesiai, a remote village in Ndonyo Wasin location of Samburu. His parents are nomadic pastoralists with 7 cows and 23 goats. Of the four children in his family,Daniel is the last born with two sisters and one brother. He is performing very well in class beating many of his classmates in the KCPE exams scoring 310 marks which earned him a chance at Nkuene high school and his career dream job is to become a pilot. One of her sisters is taking a computer certificate course in Nanyuki while the other one is married. His brother takes care of the family’s cows and goats. He was able to attend the preschool that was opened by Thorn Tree Project in his village after the preschool teacher who is their neighbor persuaded his father to allow him go to school, and then Primary School 10km from his home in Ndonyo Wasin.Inspired by his sister’s success, Daniel is eager to continue his education and is looking forward to contributing financially to his family.


Daniel Lodkwe Lepakiyo Daniel Lodkwe Lepakiyo
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