Leparmarai Hellen Modesta




Date of birth: Hellen was born in 2002
KCPE results: 302
Family: Hellen is the first born. She has one brother and five sisters. Her family lives in Lorora village in Sere Olipi and are traditional nomadic pastoralists moving frequently during the drought periods to find pasture and water for their animals. Hellen’s father once went to school and left while in lower primary to go and be a Samburu warrior. Her mother never went to school.
Schooling: Hellen’s father took her to Omar preschool in 2006 as the first journey for her to complete what he did not. She said her father saw his own classmate, who had completed education and got a good job, help their families when the great drought struck the area. After that moment, he vowed none of her kids will ever miss education. In 2009, Hellen joined Sere Olipi Primary School. She is a sociable and outgoing person with immense curiosity and determination. She is a great reader and is very patient and kind to the younger students. She says that it wasn’t until class 7 that she got really serious about her studies. Her class went on a school trip and for the first time she saw high schools, shops, buses, two-story buildings and a supermarket! She says she was fascinated to see what was possible outside of Samburu.

She steadily improved her class position during class 7 and has been among the top performers ever since. Hellen loves science and spends lots of time in the library looking up extra information around the things they learn in class. She was on the school soccer team and was the class eight’s prefect.

She had marks of 302 in her KCPE exams and she was offered a place at Coulson Girls High School, one of the best Girl’s high schools in the country.


Hellen Modesta Leparmarai Hellen Modesta Leparmarai
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