Leparkiras Alfa




Alfa was born in 2004 and is the youngest of six children in his family. Alfa’s parents passed away before he joined school so he and his older brothers all lived on the outskirts of Sere Olipi town with an uncle, always keeping an eye out for one another. All of his brothers attended school for some period of time through the generosity of Thorn Tree Project sponsors. Alfa’s family does not own in animals, making them very poor by local standards. Alfa sees completing school as a way to prepare himself to live a choice filled, independent life.

Alfa’s favorite subject is Kiswahili, scoring a 72% on his final exam. The national exam has very strict grading and earning a 72% is quite a feat! Since he is good at languages, Alfa would like to become a lawyer so he can fight for the rights of the Samburu people! In addition to being a dedicated student, Alfa was a member of the wildlife club in school, and was responsible for taking care of the school environment and watering trees on the school grounds. He was also a defender on the school soccer team. In his spare time, he enjoyed going to the school library to read for pleasure. He found it was an excellent way to increase his language skills. All and all, Alfa is a very outgoing kid and is loved by his peers.


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