Leparkiras Alfred Daddy




Date of birth: Daddy was born in 2002
KCPE results: 321
Family: Daddy lives with his uncle and siblings in Ndonyo Wasin, about 35km from the main road. He is the 5th born of six children. Both of his parents passed on when he was very young. His uncle has been looking after Daddy and his family, but the circumstances are far from ideal. During the holidays, he helps the uncle in looking after his animals. Daddy’s uncle is among the few people from Ndonyo Wasin who have a high school certificate. He knows the importance of education to the individual and to the society. Schooling: In 2008, Daddy came to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School and joined Class One. Daddy’s uncle wanted him to be able to live a less harsh life and have the opportunity to become educated. Daddy’s favorite subject is Science and it was one of his highest scoring subjects on his national exam. His total marks of 321 got him into Friends Bwake Boys’ School.
Daddy’s earned the trust and respect of his peers as they matured. He was chosen to be the library prefect while in Class Five, as was happy to take on the responsibility and privilege. He was a founding member of the Health Club in Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. The club makes sure the school is always tidy and well-kept. When not in class, he plays football for fun with his schoolmates—and is quite good!


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