Leparkuul Ltingilan




He was born in 2005 and is the third of five children in his family. He lives with his parents in Marti, a small village near Ndonyo Wasin. Neither of his parents have a formal education and they are pastoralists who move with their livestock from one place to another, in search of pasture and water for their animals. Jackson began pre-school in 2011 at Marti pre-school. His father took him to school because he has seen all the benefits of sending Jackson’s older sister to school. Jackson’s preschool class is conducted under a large acacia thorn tree with the blackboard propped against the tree.

Jackson continued on to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School in 2012 and has consistently been at the top of his class since starting school. His favorite subject in school is Math! He says he finds working with numbers easy and very logical. After he finishes his schooling, he would like to be a math teacher. In addition to being a great student, Jackson loved to spend time in the school library reading books. His favorite is a tale of the brave hare who lies to a hyena. Jackson says the book taught him the importance of bravery. He also loves singing and is a member of the school and church choir. All and all, Jackson is a very friendly young man and a leader in his class and was selected class prefect in class 6 and water prefect in class 7. Jackson was excited to continue learning in high school and is very grateful for the opportunity.


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