Leparlero Salaya




She was born in December of 2002 and is the second born in a family of seven children. Like her oldest sibling, she is on to high school! Her father is a policeman and her mother is a housewife. Salaya’s family lives in Sere Olipi and lives a slightly more western lifestyle than some of her more traditional Samburu neighbors. That being said, her life at home as few similarities to yours or mine. When home from school, Salaya helps out with the house chores, which include cooking, fetching water, collecting firewood and keeping an eye on her younger siblings.

When she was six years old, Salaya joined the Imani preschool in Sere Olipi. While in his work as a police officer, Salaya’s father has interacted with people from all over Kenya and it pushed him to take his daughter to school. He has seen people get promoted in the workplace due to having higher education and he wanted his daughter too benefit from the same opportunities. For this village, a very progressive opinion for a father to have regarding his daughter.

In 2011, Salaya moved on to Class one at Sere Olipi Primary School. From her arrival, she has worked very hard. Her best subject is Science and she says she loves reading about plants, the human body and all living things! Her dream career is in the scientific field—she longs to be a nurse! She has a wonderful role model in her village, Rose Lengima, who is studying nursing at Kenyatta University. In addition to excelling academically, Salaya loves playing football and volleyball. She is also an active participant in the Music Club, where singing and performing has built her confidence! Overall, Salaya is an honest girl, who loves school, sports and being an active member in her church.


Salaya Leparlelo Salaya Leparlelo
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