Leparmarai Ririka Joseph




Joseph was born in 1997 and is the first born in his family. Joseph’s father dropped out of school in second grade and later saw the success of his classmates who had advanced education. Based on this experience, he decided to send Joseph to Omar preschool in 2003, a traditional nomadic preschool near his family’s home in Sereolipi.
Joseph thrived in preschool and secured a place at Sereolipi Primary School. Since then, Joseph has been very motivated and committed in his studies. He has been one of the top 5 students at school for the past 5 years. In the eighth grade national exams he achieved 300 marks and this qualified him for admission to Good Shepherd Boys School which is a very good school. When he isn’t studying, Joseph enjoys participating in many local traditions including wrestling, dancing and singing. He also enjoys soccer with his classmates and likes to read. He is looking forward to continuing his education in high school and has high expectations for his future.


Leparmarai Joseph Ririka Leparmarai Joseph Ririka
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