Leparmarai Sarafino




Sarafino is an orphan and he has two brothers and one sister who are also at school. His eldest sister is head of household. During the prolonged drought of 2005/2006 the children lost almost all of their livestock and they have managed to stay in school only with help from the community.

In 2005 Sarafino was accepted by Maralal High school which is one of the best schools in the district. During his first two years there he did well with a C+ average and he was voted a prefect by the teachers.

In 2007 as a result of the drought it was clear that Sarafino would be unable to complete his studies without some help and he approached us for a scholarship. Given his situation and his good grades we are happy to have him in the program.


Leparmarai Sarafino Leparmarai Sarafino
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