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He was born in January of 2002 and is the second born in a family of eight children. He is the first in family to go to school, so he takes his responsibility of setting a good example very seriously. his father, Moses is a ranger at the nearby Sera Conservancy and while his mother never attended school, she has a small kiosk in Sere Olipi where she sells small food items.When Douglas is on holiday from school, he looks after the family livestock, sometimes assists his mother at the local kiosk, and does house chores like cooking and fetching water.

When Douglas was roughly eight years old, he joined Omar Preschool. Before then he was looking after the animals and his parents had not planned on sending him to school. Unfortunately, in 2008, there was a severe drought in Sambubru and nearly all of the family’s livestock dies. Shortly after this, Douglas’s father decided to send him to school because Douglas’s older brother could manage the small amount of animals they still had left. He officially enrolled in Sere Olipi Primary School in 2011 and consistently stayed at the top of his class in the eight years he was there. His best subject in school is mathematics and scored an astounding 84% in math on the end of year exam. He said it was simple because math only deals with numbers.

In addition to being a great student, Douglas loves to play football and took part in a big tournament last year called the Jabulani Cup! He also actively participated in the Environment Club, where he learned how to keep the school grounds clean. When not playing football, he loves watching movies and reading books in the library. Overall, Douglass is a lovely young man, who his classmates consider fair. He dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon when he finishes school. His Class 5 teacher first introduced him to the possible career and he has set it as a goal ever since.


Lepartingat Zaire Lepartingat Zaire
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