Lepaso Samson




Samson comes from a traditional, nomadic family in the Pareu area 40 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village. In 2002 a nomadic preschool opened up 2 kilometers from his manyatta. It was just a blackboard propped against the tree trunk of the largest and shadiest tree around with a warrior who had 7 years of primary school as the teacher. Samson joined the school and loved it. He was the top student and when he was 6 years old he asked his father if he could go on to primary school and he agreed.

Samson’s mother died when he was born and he has been brought up by his stepmother. He has one older brother who is a warrior and looks after the family cattle. He has 4 stepsisters. Samson is clear on the reason why he is going to school –he wants a good education so that he can get a good job and be able to help his family alleviate their harsh life.

He has consistently scored 300 or more on all his exams in Standard 7 and 8. He scored 294 on his final KCPE exam.


Samson Lepaso Samson Lepaso
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