Lepiri Lmodou




John was born in 2006 and is the second of five children in his family. John lives with his mother, after his father passed away when he was very young. His mother has no formal education, and lives as traditional pastoralists, moving her animals from one place to another in search of pasture and water. She is the sole provider for her family. Two of John’s siblings are also in school, making his family a bit of an anomaly, with more of the children enrolled in school than not. John’s mother was convinced by extended family members to send John to school and since then he has worked hard. When not at school over a holiday, John helps his family by looking after the animals. His family owns 5 cows, 20 goats and 2 donkeys, which is a modest amount for a Samburu family.

John started school in 2011 at Ndonyo Wasin Pre-School, learning under an acacia tree with the blackboard propped up against the tree trunk. Instead of a desk or a bench, the students sit on a small stone. In 2012, John was promoted to Ndonyo Wasin for primary school. From the very beginning, he loved school. His favorite subject is science and hopes to go to school to become a science teacher! In addition to being a strong student, John was a member of the wildlife club and their responsibility was conserving the school environment. He is recognized by his classmates as being very honest and was chosen as dorm prefect! In his spare time, you can often find him playing soccer with his schoolmates. He was on the school team and played attacker. Through playing sports he has been able to interact with many students at both Ndonyo Wasin and other schools. John is a jovial young man and social with many classmates.


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