Lepokodou Michael Jonathan




Jonathan was born in 1995. He started school at Sereolipi Primary School and completed classes one to six there before moving to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School for classes seven and eight. He graduated from Ndonyo Wasin with 252 marks. He is eldest in the family and has 5 siblings. One of his brothers and his two sisters look after the family animals. His other 2 brothers are at school in Sereolipi.

Jonathan’s father is an excellent herder and over the years he had built up a successful herd of cows that supplied the family with sufficient blood and milk – the natural diet of the Samburu. The drought of 2009 was particularly harsh and like other cattle herders he lost 80% of his cows. Unfortunately, the remaining cows were raided and stolen by bandits when they were grazing in Arpawa area this year. His father is devastated. They now own only 20 goats.

Jonathan achieved marks of 252 in his KCPE exams and he very much wants to go to technical school to learn a skill that will get him a job. He is committed to helping his family to live a less harsh life. Jonathan was an active member of 4K at school — an environmental club that studied the importance of plants to the desert environment.


Jonathan Lepokodou Jonathan Lepokodou
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