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Florence Ntalengon Leporole was born in 1999 and lives in Sereolipi. Her family is very poor. At night she shares a bed with her sister and all but one of her 7 siblings and parents live in that one small manyatta. With the lack of space her other sibling, her older brother sleeps at the neighbors every night.
Neither of her parents have a job nor have had any schooling. Of the 8 children 3 of them have attended or are attending school now. Her older sister went up to grade 8 and is now working as a Nurse’s Assistant at a nearby hospital. She gets very little pay but brings home what she does make to help her family get by.
They do not have any cattle or chicken, but they do have 17 goats/sheep.
Florence is exceptionally good in Mathematics. She shared a story of when she was in Class 2 and her teacher asked an advanced math problem. Florance was the only one in her class who could solve the problem on the chalkboard. After that her teacher began to work with her one on one to help develop her advanced skills.
After secondary school Florance thinks she would like to earn a degree in Nursing. When she was 9 years old her Uncle became very ill and after 3 days of traditional herbal medicine he unfortunately passed away. By becoming a nurse she feels she can visit her people’s manyattas when they are sick and introduce them to the idea of modern medicine and encourage them to visit hospitals when herbs simply aren’t enough.


Ntalengon Florence Leporole Ntalengon Florence Leporole
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