Leporua Ltaigoni Isaac




Isaac attended preschool at Mewa Preschool, a nomadic preschool that had opened just a couple of kilometers from his home. It consisted of a blackboard propped against a large shady thorn tree and there he learned his numbers and ABCs. In 2004, he came to Ndonyo Wasin to start Primary School where he has worked hard to successfully complete 8th grade. He has enjoyed his courses and was motivated by his interest in science to study to be an electrician. While he worked hard, Isaac took time to have fun by playing soccer and running short-distance races against friends. Isaac is a middle-child and only one of two children in a family of 11 to attend school. His family is a traditional pastoralist family who move based on the availability of water and grazing land for the herds. One of three boys, Isaac has been given the responsibility of supporting his family by being educated while his older and younger brothers are responsible for the family’s livestock. Isaac’s father is elderly and his eyesight is failing, so Isaac has become his “father’s eyes”, informing him on what is happening outside of their community. Isaac’s father is relying on Isaac to do well in school to get a job that can support his family in tough times since Isaac is the only boy to receive an education. Isaac’s mother is a significant influence in his life; she is encouraging him to realize his potential. Both his parents and his siblings are eager to see what Isaac will achieve as he continues on to technical school.


Leporua Isaac Ltaigoni Leporua Isaac Ltaigoni
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