Lerno Tom




Tom comes from a traditional nomadic family from the Mewa area of Ndonyo Wasin. He has 5 brothers and one sister. His brothers are all traditional warriors looking after the family cattle. In 2002 a nomadic pre-school opened near where they lived. Tom was 5 years old and he asked his parents if he could join. It was a nomadic preschool that was situated under the largest thorn tree around with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. His best friend was a boy called Johnson and when Johnson’s father decided to send Johnson to primary school Tom asked if he could go too.

Tom loves school and he has always been in the top 5 in his class. He had marks of 287 in his exams. He is the best reader in the school and has won a ”Top Reader” t-shirt every year. He loves school but he also loves going home for the holidays. As soon as he gets home he puts on all his warrior cloths and beads and goes out with his brothers to look after the cows. He says he has stick in one hard like his brothers but he also has a book in the other.


Tom Lerno Tom Lerno
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