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Josephine was born in 1998 and she is the second born of 4 children. Her family lives in Sereolipi where they own 10 goats and 2 chicken. They do not have any cattle which is where most Samburu families get the majority of their daily milk. With limited livestock getting enough daily nutrition can be challenging for Josephine and her family.
Josephine’s father is the only one in the family who has a job. He works as a cook in the Sereolipi Primary School. He earns about 2,000ksh per month (about 22 US dollars). They are thankful for Josephine’s education thus far and are looking forward to the employment options she’ll have upon graduation. Being able to work and help buy her family food and better shelter in the future is not just a dream of Josephine’s anymore with her education in progress. Until Josephine finishes her education and gets her first job her younger siblings get porridge when in school which helps tremendously.
Unfortunately, Josephine’s older sister did not go to school because her parents hadn’t learned the importance of school until Josephine was of schooling age.
Josephine loves Social Studies. She thinks her teacher is very nice and has inspired her to want to become a teacher. She’d like to help children learn to read and feels she’ll be a good teacher because she is well behaved and has good discipline.
When asked what she’d be doing now, at the age of 15, if she wasn’t attending school she said she’d be married and living at her husbands manyatta.


Luisa josphine Lesaigor Luisa Josphine Lesaigor
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