Lesamaja Paul




Paul was born in 1994. His family live in Narisha which is about 13 kilometers from Sereolipi village. His family are traditional nomadic pastoralists and he is the only person in his family to go to school. His elder brothers herd the family livestock. The family lost 80% of their animals in the last drought and they now own six cows, fifteen goats, three camels and two donkeys.

He joined Sereolipi Primary School in 2001 staying with an uncle living close to the school for the first 4 years of school and becoming a full time boarder in class five. Paul achieved marks of 220 on his KCPE exams. He is looking forward to going to technical school. He wants to be a mechanic so he can get a good job. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibily. He believs he has been chosen by his community and family to go to school so that he can get a job to help mitigate their poverty.


Paul Lesamaja Paul Lesamaja
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