Lesamaja Simon




Simon achieved marks of 303 on his KCPE results. He comes from a very traditional nomadic family. He has one sister older than himself and he has 8 brothers and two sisters younger than himself. The family is usually based within a 15 to 25 kilometer radius of Sereolipi village but they migrate during the dry season in search of grass and water for their cattle.

Simon is the first and only child to go to school in his family. He was chosen by his mother and father to go to a nomadic Thorntree preschool that had just started near their manyatta in 2001. Simon was a good learner and his parents were persuaded by the preschool teacher to send their child on to primary school. From the age of 6 he became a boarder at the school. He says that when he was 10 he realized he really liked his lessons and he started to work hard. Since then he has always been in the top three or four in his class.

Simon’s family has been devastated by the drought of 2008/2009. They have lost all their cows and goats and have only 4 camels left. They hope to build their herd up over the next 3 or 4 years but in the meantime the family has no way of paying Simon’s school fees.


Simon Lesamaja Simon Lesamaja
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