Lesampei Alfonzo  Loichamu




Date of birth: Alfonzo was born in 2003
KCPE results: 300
Family: Alfonzo comes from the area of Leang’ata that is 15 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin village, which in turn is 30 kilometers from the main road. His parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists who move frequently in search of water and pasture for their animals that are their sole source of food. He has 3 siblings.
Schooling: He joined Leang’ata preschool, the first of Thorntree’s preschools, in 2006. It took place under the shadiest tree around with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. His mum had decided to send him to the new school, but on the first day, he cried and tried to follow his mother home! After some days he adapted and his parents could see that Alfonzo was doing well at school and they decided to let him continue. He is the first and only person in his family to ever go to school and they are very proud of his success.
He is hardworking, focused and always optimistic. He loves learning new things. He is a great reader and loves helping the younger students in the library. He also joined the health club to help in keeping the school clean and free of trash and unwanted pests. When free, sometimes he played soccer as a striker.
He had marks of 300 in his exams and he was offered a place at Friends Bwake Boys School, a top tier high school.


Alfonzo Loichamu Lesampei Alfonzo Loichamu Lesampei
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