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Anastasia comes from an area called Leangata, which is about 15 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin primary school. In 2002 a nomadic preschool was opened in Leangata – it was just a blackboard propped against the tree trunk of the largest and shadiest trees around with a warrior who had 3 years of primary school as the teacher. Anastasia joined the school and loved it. When she had been there a year she asked her parents if she could go to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School the next term as a boarder. She was 6 years old but she knew exactly what she wanted. She has been a motivated student and she scored 303 in her KCPE exams.

Her family is a typical traditional nomadic pastoralist family and she is the only one in her family to go to school. She has three siblings – her 15-year-old brother looks after the cows, her 11-year-old sister looks after the goats and her 7-year-old sister looks after the newborn calves. She loves school but she also loves to go home during the holidays and always goes with her brothers and sisters to look after the animals as soon as she can. Her favorite book at school is “Facing the Lion” by Joseph Lekuton because, as she says, “It is about our culture and about how a boy like us succeeded in going to school.”


Anastacia Lesampei Anastacia Lesampei
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