Lesampei Emmanuel Alonzo




Date of birth: Alonzo was born in 1999
KCPE results: 304
Family: Alonzo is the second born and the only boy in a family of 4 children. His older sister is married and living the traditional Samburu way of life. His father passed on in 2000. The family now lives in the manyatta of his father’s brothers. They are nomadic pastoralists and they migrate frequently in search of grass and water for their animals. They lived in Learata before they relocated to Ndonyo Wasin.
Schooling: One of Alonzo’s older sisters was the first to be taken to school and in 2007, it was Alonzo’s turn. Alonzo’s mother took him to Leang’ata, a nomadic preschool that took place under a thorn tree with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. After roughly a week he realized being with other kids studying was fun! Alonzo loved school and his teacher made sure his mother sent him to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School for grades one through eight. Alonzo is a dedicated student and has consistently been in the top five of his class throughout his schooling. He has held his own from day one. He answers questions confidently and his work shows his dedication. Outside of class he is very sociable, has great zest for life and makes everything exciting. He played soccer as a striker and when he has free time, he likes drawing and calligraphy. You can often find him in the library reading story books to improve his English.
He had marks of 304 in his KCSE exams and was offered a place at Arnesen’s Boys’ high school, a very competitive high school.


Alonzo Emmanuel Lesampei Alonzo Emmanuel Lesampei
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