Lesampei John




John was born in 1998 in Leangata, an area located 15km from Ndonyo Wasin village. He was first inspired to go to school when he saw some American sponsors of a preschool in his village. John “saw a different culture and different clothes, heard a different language” and he was curious about them. He asked his mother if he could attend the nomadic preschool which had just opened there. It consisted of a blackboard propped against a large shady thorn tree. His mother agreed and there he learned his numbers and ABCs. Since then, he has been a focused student committed to being successful and helping his family and community. Although John only scored 260 in his KCPE exams he had consistently scored more than 300 on all his exams in the previous 3 years. He was very nervous in his exams knowing so much rided on the outcome. John’s parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists. He is the second born of five children and his older brother and younger sister take care of the livestock. His family lives the traditional life of nomadic pastoralists with a diet of milk mixed with blood from their cattle. In the last drought the family lost more than half of their livestock and there is simply no way for them to be able to afford to send John to school. John’s goal is to work hard, do well and get a good job so he can help his parents have a less harsh life.


Lesampei John Potrait Lesampei John Potrait
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