Lesanjir Lemorun Moses




Moses is a middle-child in a family of 10 and he is only one of only two children in his family who is going to school. His family is a typical, nomadic, pastoralist family whose livelihood depends solely on their livestock. Moses is the first in his family to complete primary school, so he is the first who will be able to continue his studies to get a good job. His elder brothers see Moses as the one who will be able to work in a city or town and earn enough to support his family during the droughts when the herd is dwindling. They also rely on him to provide information and insight into what is happening outside of the Samburu region. With his education, they also hope that Moses will eventually act as a leader in their family and within the community. In 2003, Moses enrolled at Nesesiai Preschool, a nomadic preschool just next to his family’s home. It consisted of a blackboard propped against a large shady thorn tree and here is where moses started counting numbers and learning ABCs.


Lesanjir Moses Lemuron Lesanjir Moses Lemuron
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