Lesanjir  Liwes Mathews




Date of birth: Liwes was born in 2002
KCPE results: 331
Family: Liwes lives with his grandmother in the foot of Ololokwe Mountain. He is the 2nd born of four siblings. Their 1st born is married and living the Samburu traditional life. Their third born is in class 4 and the last born is in Learata pre-school. He is the first child in their family to ever be in high school! His mother separated with father in 2011 and unfortunately his mother passed on 2013. He has not reunited with his father again, but lives with her aged grandmother with the support of the uncles. His uncles, grandmother are traditional nomadic pastoralists who live off the milk, meat and blood of their cows and goats.
Schooling: In 2008 Liwes mother took him to Learata pre-school and later to Learata Primary school in class one. Since then Liwes has been hard working in school in order to help his family and even be able to support his young siblings. His favorite subjects are mathematics and science. He had 70 and 65 mark respectively in the K.C.P.E exam. His total mark of 331 got him into Friends Bwake Boys’ High School.
In school, He is a sociable and outgoing person with immense curiosity and determination. His peers chose him to be the class prefect! He is very patient and kind to the younger students. When not in class, he plays volleyball and he was on school volleyball team.


liwes schoolmates and his mentor Liwes Schoolmates And His Mentor
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