Lesanjir Ntwala Samuel




Samuel Lesanjir is the 3rd born of 9 siblings and was born in 1999. Neither his mother nor father have had any schooling and have discovered that just being pastoralists is not enough to successfully raise a family. Samuel’s family currently has 10 cows and 40 goats and sheep.
Without jobs his parents sell goats to support his family and use their own cow’s and goat’s milk for daily nutrition.
When Samuel is home he helps take care of the cattle but while at school he loves mathematics and social studies.
Samuel’s oldest brother is not educated but as his parents saw other kids getting educated they decided education was necessary to help them afford food and clothing in the future. He now has two younger sisters in nursery as well and hopes with his education he’ll get a job and be able to support them as they follow through to high school and possibly University with their studies.
his uncle’s footsteps and study medicine, perhaps even becoming the first doctor in his village.


Samule Lesanjir Samule Lesanjir
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