Lesanjir Zakaria




Zakaria Lesanjir comes from a family of nomadic pastoralists who live near the Samburu community of Lerata. Born in 1997, he is the oldest of 4 boys, so he was the first in his family to attend the Lerata Preschool in 2003, where he and his fellow classmates would gather under the shade of a thorn tree and learn the alphabet and counting. Later he would continue on to the Lerata Primary School, a 30-minute walk through the bush from his manyatta, where he found that he enjoyed mathematics and excelled in most subjects, eventually scoring 298 points on the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exam and qualifying for a Secondary School scholarship. Zakaria tragically lost his father at an early age, leaving him with the daunting task of trying to keep his grades up while helping his little brothers through their own schooling, as well as supporting his family by taking care of the family livestock. Considering that none of their animals died during the recent 2-year drought (which decimated other communities, and his stellar performance in school so far, it seems that Zakaria is extremely capable for a 14-year old boy and can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.


Zakaria Lesanjir Zakaria Lesanjir
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