Lesanjore Francis




Francis graduated from Sereolipi Primary School with total marks of 345 in his KCPE exams. He was the top student in the school. He was born in 1996 and attended Sereolipi pre- school in 2002. He joined Sereolipi Primary School in 2003.

Francis comes from a very poor family from Sereolipi village. Francis’s mother died when he was born and his father died in 2003. He lives with his aunt and his sister.

He faced many challenges as he grew up but he says he always knew that education was the way in which he could change his life. He is a committed and motivated student who has always been at the top of his class. He says that the key to his success has been to work hard and that if you want to be first in class you must work harder than anyone else.

Francis’s strongest subjects are mathematics and science and he would very much like to be an engineer. He is on the football team and his team won the trophy last term.


Francis Lesanjore Francis Lesanjore
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