Lesarge Daniel




Daniel Lesarge was born in 1996 in the Samburu village of Lerata at the foot of Mt. Lolokwe. He was the firstborn in a family of 6, and the first to attend Lerata preschool. From there he went on to the local primary school and found that he enjoyed mathematics. Daniel was able to score well enough on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam to qualify for a scholarship for a 2-year Certification program at one of Kenya’s prominent technical schools, where he intends to study Masonry. Daniel comes from a nomadic pastoralist community that relies solely on their livestock for food. A drought can easily decimate an entire village, and students like Daniel are realizing that with an education, employment and a steady income, they can insure themselves against the frequent and escalating droughts and also grow as individuals. Daniel has 2 younger siblings who are following in his footsteps by attending primary school as well, and he inspires them as well as the rest of the community with his example. Above all he is grateful for the support of the program and excited for the future.


Daniel Lesarge Daniel Lesarge
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