Lesepe Serinae Isabella




Name: ISABELLA SERINAE LESEPE (modern name, given name, family name)
Date of birth: Isabella was born 27th December 2002
KCPE results: 355 (top 10% of the country)
Family: Isabella is the second born in a family of 4 children. She lives close to Lerata school in a traditional manyatta with her parents, uncles and all her cousins. As well as herding the family cows and goats her father is a ranger the Lolokwe Conservancy which is on top of a huge mountain just beyond their house.
Schooling: Isabella went to the local preschool when she was 4 and joined Lerata Primary School (grades 1 –8) when she was 7. She has consistently been at the top of the class . She attributes her success to her parents who she says have encouraged her ever since she went to school. Her teachers say she is hard working and disciplined with a huge curiosity about everything she studies. She has excellent leadership skills and was head girl last year. She is very sociable and popular among all the students. Isabella is a also a great reader and she is strong in languages
She was on the school soccer team as a striker She is a skilled debater and she sings in the school choir.
Isabella achieved marks of 355 in her exams a the end of grade 8 and was offered a place at Loreto Girls which is one of the top 10 girls schools in the country


Lesepe Isabella Lesepe Isabella
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