Lesiapadei James




James “Diego” Lesiapadei was born in 1998 in the small town of Lerata near the base of Mt. Ololokwe. He went to the local preschool in 2004 and then his father sent him to Lerata Primary school, which he took to immediately, excelling in English and taking an interest in science, where he learned about plant anatomy, photosynthesis and other important agricultural topics. James made it through all 8 years of Primary with no problems and scored well enough on the KCPE scoring 302 marks to qualify for a chance at Ingadene high school in Meru.
At home, James’ parents are pastoralists with a meager number of livestock – they don’t even have enough cows for James to have a drink of milk (his only meal, and favorite food) every day, having sold most of them so his older brother and sister could attend high school. They earn no income whatsoever, and often have to borrow money from neighbors and friends for simple needs. This leaves James to fend for himself, but if he can secure himself an education through hard work and perseverance, he will let nothing stand in his way.


James Lesiapadei James Lesiapadei
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