Lesikel Ali Joseph




Joseph joined Wamba CCM primary school in 2000 when he was 6 years old. He has consistently been top of his class in the 8 years he has been there. He achieved 345 on his KCPE exams and was 4th in the whole of Samburu East District. His high marks earned him a place at Nairobi School which is an outstanding national school. Joseph’s father has been absent throughout the 8 years of his education. He has 2 brothers and one sister. His mother has no goats or animals and she makes her livelihood with casual work at the local catholic guest house when there are guests and she makes and sells tea and chapatti at the local cattle auction once a week. His mother has been very supportive of Joseph’s education. With no hope of his family being able to find the money for school fees Joseph has been resigned to just finishing his school as well as he could and he was then thinking that he could help his mother in her work. When he was accepted at Nairobi School he was both happy to have done so well and so sad that he could not take the opportunity. When he heard that we might be able to find a sponsor for him he was overjoyed.


Lesikel Ali Joseph Lesikel Ali Joseph
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