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Josphat Lesirama is 15 years old and he lives in a traditional nomadic manyatta based in the Lotinka area which is 10kms away from Sereolipi. He has seven siblings – three sisters and four brothers – and Josephat is the third born. In 2001 there was a very bad 2-year drought in the area and life was extremely harsh and insecure. Josephat’s father and mother who never went to school decided to make a commitment to education of their children as way of ensuring the family lived a less harsh life. They decided to send Josphat (and any future children they might have) to school. His two elder sisters were too old to go to school and both of them are married to warriors and living a traditional life. But in 2002 Josephat joined Sereolipi Primary School. Because he lived 10 kilometers from the school Josephat was sent to live with a relative in Sereolipi during the week and he walked home and back on his own at the weekend.

Josephat is very clear on the benefits of education. As the eldest son and the first in his family to ever go to school he has a strong sense of duty and responsibility He knows it will help him get a job which will help him and his family to lead a less harsh life. He is very much looking forward to going to technical school.


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